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Introducing you to some mouthwatering Turkish dishes – in multiple formats – Vertical videos, HD videos, GIFs, Instagram, and In-store screens

Project Details

ClientVideofyi and Bab Arabia
ProjectTurkish Food Guide
CategorySocial Media Content
PlatformsYoutube, In Store, Website

Goal : Videofyi approached Bab Arabia – a Turkish speciality restaurant to create a demo for high quality content creation for social media.

As part of the project we generated 20 pieces of content in 2 days of shoot. The content generated was used as instore videos, social media promotion, and on website.


This video was made specially to play in the restaurant, as well as their website.


Cinema-graphs were created for their social media feeds.

More content : Turkish fare at Bab Arabia

Sahin Bulut, chief chef at Bab Arabia started by introducing us to ‘Eli Nazik’. More about that later. But first how we ended up making this series – An introduction to Turkish Cuisine. (Part of Videofyi’s BURPP SERIES). We met with this Turkish masterchef as he was setting up Bab Arabia an Arabian restaurant in Kochi. The dishes here were not the usual Arabian dishes (we could hardly pronounce this tasty fare) So we decided to do a series introducing Turkish cuisine and we started by documenting the kitchen and interview with the chef for 2 days.

One by one he took us through the details and stories of each dish and here is the excerpts from the talk.

Bukhari Chicken is believed to have its origin from Afghanistan. But Turkish take is lighter version without sacrificing the flavors. This regional recipe is from Urus village in Central Anatolia. It is not an everyday meal, but cooked as a special feast. Described below is how it’s made traditionally.

A 20 second cut down of the promo

In a large bowl, mix the diced leg of lamb, shallots, garlic, tomato paste, chillies and tomatoes with the dried chilli, pepper and wild garlic flower. Transfer to the clay urn. Place the clay pot over the mouth of the urn and turn it upside down so that the lip of the urn sits on the base of the clay pot. Cap the hole on the bottom of the urn with a piece of dough. Fill the clay pot with water and chickpeas, adding salt to taste. Place the clay pot on stove top and cook over a medium-low heat for two hours. Rub salt on lamb brisket and place into the clay pot. Wash and soak the rice in warm salty water for 30 minutes. Drain the rice and add to the clay pot. Simmer the rice for about 60 minutes, or until it absorbs all the water. Once rice is cooked, remove the clay pot from the heat, lift the urn and shake it to release the lamb over the rice.


“ADANA Kebab” is a fusion of Turkish & Arabian Cuisine. It’s a softer version of Sheek Kabab marinated in spices with a Turkish twist.

“ELI NAZIK” in Turkish means gentle hands. Eli Nazik was first made by one of the kitchen masters of a Turkish sultan back in 16th century.

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Behind the scenes

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