Case Study | Travel & hospitality – Video postcards

YouTube Playlist – Drop a Pin – Video post cards
ClientJK Residency Kelakam
CategoryVideo campaign
PlatformsYouTube, Facebook, Instagram

Goal : JK Residency wanted a corporate video for a B2B event. By engaging videofyi, JK Residency got the required corporate video and 19 pieces of evergreen content for their social media platform. We created a series called Drop a pin for JK Residency

Case-study for travel, tourism and hospitality sector

6 days of shoot, 20 Promo videos. 

Videofyi made for JK Residency 20 videos in place of one corporate video. Here is the story of how JK Residency came around to become one of our first clients.  

Jk Residency was a 3 star hotel + bar in Kannur who contacted Videofyi with a requirement for a corporate video. 

When our team visited Kannur to understand their requirement and do initial research. And realised that there was a potential to tell a different story.

JK Residency was located at the edge of Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary, near Kannur, Kerala. It was the season of butterfly migration in the forest. We saw the opportunity to do simple video post card content to enhance this small hotel’s brand image on its social media. 

Our new goal was to give JK Residency the corporate video it wanted for a B2B tourism fair.. and along with that also make for  them 19 extra post card videos highlighting the splendours of the Aralam Santuary . 

#travel #tourism #content

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