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ProjectModheads – Series
CategorySocial Media Content
PlatformsYoutube, In Store, Website

Goal : Videofyi created ‘Modheads’ series as a proof of concept for content for automobile related stories.

The series is about those passionate about their vehicles and documents their passion in trying to create machines that are extension of themselves.

As content apart form short documentary features, we have various derivative content for social media, to promote the main content.

Petro-heads – Modheads Episode 01

Episode 01 of ModHeads features Sunu Babu of Petrolhead Customs. PetrolHead Customs, which is a bike modification and restoration service based in Kochi, Kerala. Bikes were a passion for Sunu Babu. Before starting PC he used to work in tech sector but had a passion for bikes and travel. Today he does not regret exchanging an ac floor in techno-park for a rented garage workshop, he prefers his greasy overhauls to the formal wear of his previous job.

Automotive modification is amongst one of those fast catching trend in India, like tattoo, trekking, entrepreneurship, maker culture

Our goal is to engage with community of automobile enthusiast on social media by creating engaging stories that move their passion forward.

Here is how Videofyi created content formatted for social media campaigns

On YouTube

Short teaser promos on YouTube with search optimisation

On Facebook

Targeted promotions via FaceBook 

On Whatsapp

Mobile forwards to our community on Whatsapp. 

On Instagram

Search optimised tags and promotions on Instagram

Glimpses from our social media campaign

About Modheads Series

We at Videofyi, have been looking around for trends and cultural anomalies on the fringes, especially those trends that are related to identities based on interests. Eg. Trekkers, Comic-heads, Sneaker-heads, biker gangs so on…

FormatShort documentary (3-4 mins)
Numbers8 Episodes
DistributionDistribution on FaceBook, YouTube
Social Media ExecutionCampaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter
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