Promo | Documentary Series : Mod-Heads – Ep 01

Series NameMod-Heads
PlatformsFacebook, YouTube

Goal : We at Videofyi, have been looking around for trends and cultural anomalies on the fringes, especially those trends that are related to identities based on interests. Eg. Trekkers, Freakens (Hipsters), Comic-heads, Sneaker-heads, biker gangs so on…

To create a series based on rider community. This was a collaboration with a Jobbies Chitramalika a production studio in Kochi.

Cinemagraphs created from the main video used as derivative content for promotion as teaser.


In an information fuelled world of mobs and movements; where trends become and ‘unbecome’ at speed of a tweet, ideas have faster rate of adoption. 


Automotive modification is amongst one of those fast catching trend in India. Is it just a passing fad or is it something that has evolved from the times of our forefathers who have modified their bullock carts. 


We seek to find out. We explore the sub-culture of automobile modification through this series.

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