Short Doc | Blind dog and his master

TitleAn Unusual Friendship
OccasionFriendship day
CategoryCharacter profile
PlatformsYouTube, Facebook

Goal : On occasion of friendship day we explored an unusual friendship between a blind dog and a cobbler who took care of him.

Purbhe has cared for each dog that has found him, with his own meagre earnings, feeding them bread, biscuits and occasionally when sales are good, some meat.

“ He provides exceptional care for them, buys them food, water and medical supplies, anything they need ”

“ All of them are properly vaccinated and extremely healthy thanks
to his efforts ”
When he is not around, Purbhe ensures his dogs are well taken care of by a dog-sitter: the grocer across the road, who watches the dogs for a fee.
Purbhe lives with his wife not far from his shop and do not have any children of his own. He considers each of these dogs as his extended family and does not return home without feeding them a night meal.

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